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What’s bad effect if you use an inferior grit hand cleaner?

What’s the effects if you choose an inferior grit hand cleanser ? As the benchmark of industrial cleaning products, we have a 90% market share in China and our products have been sold all over the world. With a growing  demand of grit hand cleaenr ,there are  some grit hand products imitate ours. Such as

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What are the differences between household laundry soap and mechanic laundry detergent?

  Today,laundry detergent has become a daily necessity in every household. High-quality laundry detergent is used in laundry washing products. The main component of laundry detergent is a non-ionic surfactant with strong decontamination ability,which can go deep into the clothing fiber to play a washing role, decontamination more thoroughly. The superior laundry detergent has higher technical

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Erha 20th Annual Day Celebration

July.15,2022 is a memorable day.It is Erha 20th anniversary . As a professional hand cleaning manufacturer in China for 20 years, we ushered in this exciting moment. We are proud to be the member of Erha. Here, Erha has given us a platform for talents, the cradle for our dreams. All of our effort make Erha step into a greater international

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How can you become our heavy duty hand cleaners exclusive agency?

What’s the benefit if  we  become Erha heavy duty hand cleaners  exclusive agency ? Become Erha heavy duty hand cleaners,you can get a high quality heavy duty hand cleaner project, free sample and a market solution support. The business in your region will be protected by us. We will helps grow your income with our

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How to buy a best pumice hand cleaner?

Normally, Hand cleaner can be divided into two types: ordinary hand cleaner and industrial hand cleaner (pumice hand cleaner) Ordinary hand cleaner can only clean stains encountered in daily life, while industrial hand cleaner are designed for oil stains in industrial production. Industrial hand cleaner ,also named pumice hand cleaner.It is specifically designed for industrial

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The One Stop Service Solution Of Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser. Hello, I’m Benjo from Let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page. I am the founder of Guangdong Erha Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. I have been working with Erha for nearly 20 years now. Click the table of contents below to get great ideas

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Who uses heavy duty hand cleaner?

You may see some mechanics’ hands  covered  lots of grease and grim  while working. They try to use ordinary grade hand sanitizer,laundry detergent powder,hand soap to clean them,but it still have grease and gasoline flavor residue. Erha heavy duty hand cleanser is desinged for cleaning  car or motorcycle maintenance and technician hands. Compared to the

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Why industrial hand cleaner paste is better than hand cleaning powder?

There are several reasons why we recommend that you buy an industrial hand sanitizer instead of a hand powder. * Pump package Erha heavy duty hand wash liquid with pump packages with patent design from our company is safer for its transportaion. Hand washing powder is usually packaged in bags,which is easy to be damaged

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What is the best heavy duty hand cleaner?

What is the best heavy duty hand cleaner ? Workers engaged in machine repair, auto repair, oil extraction, ink, printing, petrochemical, mechanical processing and other industries are often covered with heavy oil stains on their hands. These heavy oil stains are difficult to clean with the ordinary hand sanitizers and bar soaps. Residual oil stains

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Brief Introduction Of ERHA Industrial Hand Sanitizer

 The introduction of Erha Industrial hand sanitizer Guangdong Erha Fine Chemical Co., Ltd,as a China professional heavy duty cleaner manufacture, is committed to creating a core industrial scrubbing cream degreasing product with technological innovation, which can solve the problem of heavy oil pollution. Our industrial hand sanitizer is a replacement product of traditional washing products such

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