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How to buy a best pumice hand cleaner?

How to buy a correct pumice hand cleaner?


Why and when  you need  use pumice hand cleaner ?

Hand sanitizer can be roughly divided into two types: ordinary hand sanitizer and industrial hand sanitizer.Ordinary hand sanitizer can only clean stains encountered in daily life, while industrial hand sanitizer are designed for oil stains in industrial production.

Industrial hand sanitizer ,also named pumice hand cleaner.It is specifically designed for industrial hand grease cleaning.It is  suitable for machine repair, auto repair, grease production, ink, printing, petrochemical industry, machining and other industries.In these industries,workers’ hands are often covered with oily stains, and the  ordinary hand sanitizer is difficult to wash.

Ordinary hand sanitizer eleminate industrial grease and grim poorly.Ordinary hand sanitizer is often used in our daily life. When your hands are dirty, we’d better to choose to pumice hand cleaner to clean our hands.

Choose the right pumice hand cleaner that will be mild on your skin and won’t provoke any skin inflmmation.

People with sensitive skin should check the proper ingredients before purchasing. We developed Erha pumice hand cleaner,whose used emulsifier as its core raw materials and has powerful ability to  remove grease. Erha’s industrial hand cleaners have the additional ingredients for moisturizing your hands, like glycerol. In a word, our pumice hand cleaner is strong cleaning  mild performance, no stimulation, green environmental.

Choose the right pumice hand cleaner

Buy pumice hand cleaner with fine friction particle

Erha industrial hand cleaner is formulated with excellent quality ingredients,contains the unique and delicated pearl particles,which can effectively remove oily stains such as grease,grim,ink and others. Our perlite are according to the human finger and palm line. If you buy  industrial  hand sanitizer at cheapest price or with inferior quality, it may have rough and irregular  grit and leave your skin cracked and dry ,or even irritated.

Someone would prefer to buy natural scrub hand cleaner with corn ,olive pit ,walnut and others ,its cleaning power is not great good as pearl friction particle and may  cause a large dosage waste.

Pumice Hand Cleaner Lotion with friction particle


Do not buy Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner with low-cost materials

Some of pumice hand cleaner manufacture use low-cost raw materials to seek for more profit.This industrial pumice lotion hand cleaner will appear plenty of friction particales and water separatrion pheonmenon, because the viscosity is not up to the standard requreiment.Don’t buy pump lotion hand cleaners that contain low-cost materials.This will bad for your health and cuase the irritation to your hands.

Erha pumice hand cleaners adopt  the superior quality of raw materials. What we seek  is to bring our customer better using feeling and be sure for their safe use. Our pumice hand cleaners have passed Reach,Rohs, MSDS and Non-irritation Certificate.

Pay attention to the information on the label

You can choose a qualified  hand cleaner manufacutre to ensure good quality.Make sure to have a complete information about the scrub hand sanitizer (factory name,address&enterprise standard number,production lot NO. and etc). Erha hand cleaner has printed all the information  for you. We are the qualified pumice hand cleaner manufacture and has proven  by China Medical Products Administration Government in China. Also,we should pay  attention to its valid period If there is a smelly, pungent and other odor ,it may be over its shelf life or use a lot of prohibited raw materials.We’d  better not buy.

Pay attention to pumice hand cleaner's  valid period

Buy a high effective pumice hand cleaner, please choose Erha.

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