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Who uses heavy duty hand cleaner?

Who uses heavy duty hand cleaner?

You may see some mechanics’ hands  covered  lots of grease and grim  while working. They try to use ordinary grade hand sanitizer,laundry detergent powder,hand soap to clean them,but it still have grease and gasoline flavor residue.

Erha heavy duty hand cleanser is desinged for cleaning  car or motorcycle maintenance and technician hands. Compared to the ordinary grade hand sanitizer,its eliminate grease ability is much   stronger. It can clean the grease stains and even wrinkles on your palms. , nail seams.

Erha heavy duty hand cleanser  is ofen used by maintenance  in their daily work.When your hands get dirty with heavy oil,   choose Erha heavy duty hand cleaner.  Its  purpose is to make your hands  and give you a pleasant experience.

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Best Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner For Maintenance and Technician 



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