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How can you become our heavy duty hand cleaners exclusive agency?

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What’s the benefit if  we  become Erha heavy duty hand cleaners  exclusive agency ?

Become Erha heavy duty hand cleaners,you can get a high quality heavy duty hand cleaner project, free sample and a market solution support. The business in your region will be protected by us.
We will helps grow your income with our best service and products. A strong customers you’ve recruited helps increase your income more consistently over time.

Erha’s heavy duty hand cleaners with new professional grade hand cleaner formulation delivers superior cleaning power, fast, with less residue, and without a lingering petroleum odor.Proven to have 10% Greater Cleaning Power than other brands, it is the bestseller in the market.With our 20 years of hand cleaner production,development and  sales experiences, we can support you not only with our high quality products, but also offer a high effecient marketing stratege and solution. So it  is easy to become a heavy duty hand cleaners exclusive agency for Erha.



Then, how to become a  heavy duty hand cleaners exclusive agency? Is it difficult ?

The answer is absolutely “NOT” .

Firstly, you should have a good attitude on it. Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart. Believe you will get better sale in one day with our both efforts.

Secondly, let us know about the item  you are interested. We will send you a sample for your evaluation.We will inform you about our products details,our service, our soluation.

Thirdly,we will sign an agreement to no longer wholesale any more products to your country or region . Then we will strictly follow your order and let you know its progress from time to time.Production and shipping of your order will be prioritized.

Finally, if you have any question during the sale,please feedback to us. Our service team will follow up and resolve these issues for you.

Please contact us immediately and let us bring you more value for your company.




become our heavy duty hand cleaners exclusive agency


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