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What’s bad effect if you use an inferior grit hand cleaner?

What’s the effects if you choose an inferior grit hand cleanser ?

As the benchmark of industrial cleaning products, we have a 90% market share in China and our products have been sold all over the world.

With a growing  demand of grit hand cleaenr ,there are  some grit hand products imitate ours. Such as the following products.

bad quality grit hand cleaner
grit hand products imitate Erha
bad inferior industrial hand cleaner

Erha grit hand cleaner pump with  its own  patent is available for the safe transportation and easy use.

Grit hand cleaner with pump patent
Grit Hand Cleaner For Workshop
Grit hand cleaner with pump

When you choose a inferior grit hand cleaner, it may have harmful effect.

  1. Some manufactures use inferior pump headers to save cost and seek more profits. Therefore, industrial hand cleaner liquid is not easy to flow out,causing lots of waste.
  2. Nowadays, Chinese goverments classifies  grit hand cleaner into cosmetic grade. That means the heavy duty hand cleaner manufacture should have a cosmetic production certificates. Still now, we are the only one cosmetic grade  grit hand cleaner manufacture approved by our government. If you buy an inferior grit hand cleaner, it could cause skin irritation.
  3. Inferior grit hand cleaner contains irregular pumice scrub particles which is not strictly selected.This can cause your skin to crack and dry easily. Erha scrub hand cleaners adopt the round shape, unique size and fine pearlist friction to ensure your skin’s safe when rinsing
  4. Inferior scrub hand cleaner has poor cleaning ability, leaving oily residue in your hand. Day by day, your hands will be damaged  by these residue chemical. With high concentration,Erha  grit hand cleaner can absore grease and grime compeletly. Also,it is gentle to your skin when roughing hands.
  5. Inferior  grit hand cleanser is not good for your working conditions. Erha  grit  hand cleaners adopte the natural ingredients and have passed Reach and Roh and other Eco-enviromental certificate. 

                    Erha Choose Best Materials For Grit Hand Cleaner Production

best heavy duty hand soap with grit
Best Pump For Grit hand cleaner
Best perlite scrub Friction
Best Hand cleaner degreaser

Erha grit hand cleaner‘s formula uses effective light pumice abrasive to clean mechanic’s hands in a short time. It leaves fragrance of flowers and makes your hands feel good. It does well to scrub the stubborn dirt in the cracks . This is a major improvement to the hand washing cleaning industry. Unlike other industry hand cleaner manufacture, most of their bottle dispenser is not the most practical. It is easy to slip if you catch it with a greasy hand. We desgin the pump dispenser on bottles of this size. Also it’s thin and flowing so it tends to spill and get dirty.

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