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Erha 20th Annual Day Celebration

Erha 20th Annual Day Celebration

July.15,2022 is a memorable day.It is Erha 20th anniversary .

As a professional hand cleaning manufacturer in China for 20 years, we ushered in this exciting moment.  

We are proud to be the member of Erha.

Here, Erha has given us a platform for talents, the cradle for our dreams. All of our effort make Erha step into a greater international market platform. Honesty and diligence should be our eternal mates.We belive that where there is a will , there is a way. We remain focused on the developement,production and sales of industrial hand cleaners.We attach great importance to stable products and innovative knowledge to meet higher market demands. We are proud that Erha has been proven  by China Medical Products Administration Government in China today. More strict requirements from the market and our customer make us do more better!  

Thank you for your support!

Our every progress and success is inseparable from your attention,trust,support and participation.Your understand and trust are a powerful driving force for our progress,you are the inexhaustible source of our growth. We cherish each of your participate,   suggestion, which prompted us to constantly forge ahead. With you,  there is boundless confidence and power in our industrial hand cleaner production journey.With you, our business can flourish and development. We hope for your trust, care and support.  

In future, we will continue to do better,creat more value to our customer and take the social responsibitly to take good care each hard worker’s hand!


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