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In Chinia, how many industrial factories use Erha mechanics hand soap?How about its effect?

Erha mechanics hand soap is popular with workers in China. Erha mechanics hand soap is not a kind of ordinary hand sanitizer, its powerful function has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, affordable, easy to use, convenient transportation and storage, water saving, no skin damage, and other characteristics.

It contains active clean factors and a variety of amino acids soft skin ingredients, remove unclean substances, while it soften the cuticle layer, and repair the dry and rough skin of the hands, so that our hands can be moisted and tender attractive elasticity. It is developed by Mr.Benjo and his team for more than 10 years. It is not only clean than hand washing powder, but also adds a variety of hand guards to care for your hands. This product is suitable for cleaning the hands of oil and dirt in various industrial fields.

Erha mechanics hand soap has the following characteristics:

First: Its dosage is only a quarter of the hand washing powder.Its pump head design is  easy to use and refuse to drip waste then  affect the  environment. Its decontamination effect is good.

Second: It solves the problem of packaging long-distance transportation. It can ensure that no damage during the transportation.

Third: Its concentrated  formula  reduces  the volume  to solve the storage and handling problems.

Fourth: It solves the problem of traditional hand washing powder and sand blocking sewers, so that enterprises no longer worry about blocking sewers.

Fifth: Eliminate its becominig dry when using and affect the use effect.

Sixth: Its biodegradable surfactants without phosphorus is in line with international environmental standards.

Finally: We strictly control the inspection of each batch of products factory, to ensure the stability of Erha mechanics hand soap.

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