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Erha-Your quality Industrial hand Cleaners supplier

We are a China Medical Products Administration proven manufacturer of heavy duty industrial cleaning products

Erha - The Leader Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Manufacture In China

As an entrepreneur who started manufacturing heavy duty cleaners in Shantou, China, Mr Benjo is fully aware of how to let the cleaning products more effective and efficient deep clean without damaging the skin or harming the environment,while maintaining the best quality at a competitive price. We have adopted the eco-friendly raw materials and a unique patented foam technology that turns heavy duty hand cleaning liquid into a cream foam that washes off quickly and completely.To date,Erha integrates original high-end technology into hand sanitizer and has become a benchmark in industrial cleaning industry. At this stage, Erha is also taking a step forward. Step in the right direction, it has become our founder’s career.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Cosmetic patented formula
Renowned raw material suppliers

Unique scrub pearlite  
Organic plant extract component

Professional Research & Development Service

Formula designed in accordance with regulations of different countries
Quality Ingredient On The Market
New product research and development
Improving existing products and processes
Erha laboratory

Reliable Development & Production

Customize Product Development to ensure you the advantage in the market
Provide product packages design service
Provide stable production capability
Provide premium quality Industrial Cleaning Products

Professional Knowledge and Marketing Strategy Supports

Offer the professional knowledge to let you expand the market easily

Help you to anaylise the Market with Our Abundant market Experiences
help you produce and delivery prodocuts and services to spec and at appropriate cost

Quality Assurance

We Set Up QC Team To Ensure Each Batch Of Our Product Is Highly Efficient,Stable Quality And Pack In Compeletly.
1.Initial Quality Control For incoming material inspecation

Erha-As the leading hand cleaner manufacutre in China , We have built a powerful supply chain and net works. We hae material inspection team to make sure that we recevie the marterials with very decent quality. We pay attention to each details of our raw materials.Such as the perliate should be round and smooth, pump should be strong enough and other details.

2.In-Process Quality Control Processed Product Inspection

We ensure that our products conform strictly manufacturing processes and well-documented processes. Able to fine-tune and document our manufacturing methods to ensure product stability and reliability

Finished Product Quality Control

The inspector shall perform the product sampling according to the product plan, carry out the inspection of the product packaging, label, appearance, quantity, etc.

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Inspection

Physical Testing--Chemical Testing--Package Testing--Enviroment Monitoring New Product Stability Test &Microbiological Examination

Factory & Equipment

Leveraging on our high-end manufacturing facilities and equipment, we have the capacity to produce quality heavy duty cleaning products that suit the market’s needs.
High-efficiency assembly line/Fully automated machine: one-stop manufacturing service/Professional technical manpower/                                        Eco-friendly practices: comply with government emission regulations &waste air management

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Erha Industrial Hand Cleaner Production Process View

We adopt full automatic production machine to satisfy the large demand of the market.

Intelligent filling industrial hand degreaser production line

With the development of the information intelligence, we adopt intelligent filling heavy duty hand degreaser production line to better serve customers.Our heavy duty hand degreasers have accurate quantitative,safe and reliable quality .We are looking to improve our production efficiency to create more value for customers.

Design hand hook on bottle for easy carrying

We know how exhausting a busy mechanic can be after a long day's work,so we pay attention to every details of our auto mechanic hand cleaner’s. For their convenience to handle the mechanic hand cleaner,we have designe this hand hook for convenient carrying. The installation of pump head and lifting hook is responsible by special personnel.

Automatic Carton Packages machines seal the carton

To improve the safety factor of transportation of Erha grit hand cleaner, we adopted the national standard of five-layer corrugated carton box. Each carton usually has "Place carefully", " Upwards "," Do not stress "," Avoid sunlight ","Avoid moisture", "Quality Safety "," Not roll ","not trample " , "Avoid fire ", " green environment "and other patterns or text tips to remind users to pay attention to protect the products from harm. At the same time,we adopt Automatic packaging belt&adhesive tape machine to seal the carton. This high efficient automatic packing belt machine can pack a cartons in three seconds.

handling manipulators save more labour

Just like our slogan that care for your emplyoee and care for your hands, we cherish each worker in our company. So our boss Benjo has boughted a handling mainpulator to carry on the scrub hand cleaner. On the one hand, it avoids the breakage caused by the rough handling of the workers, on the other hand, we help our workers save more labor and improve their working efficiency .

Automatic wrapping packing machines improve packing

What we want to supply our customer is not only the pumice hand cleaner with superior quality,but also our comprehensive service. So we have paid attention to the detials of each cargo. Unlike other pumice hand cleaner supplier who use manual packageing,Erha has adopted the full automatic wrapping packaging machine to make the carton to be stronger for safe delivery.At the same time,this can improve our packaging efficiency and reduce our time and costs to meet the large market needs.

Let us boost your business today

Erha has been in the business of production and tradaing industrial hand cleaner in China for nearly 20 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality industrial hand cleaner.
Erha Industrial Hand Cleanar Manufacture Service Team

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