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What is the best heavy duty hand cleaner?

What is the best heavy duty hand cleaner ?

Workers engaged in machine repair, auto repair, oil extraction, ink, printing, petrochemical, mechanical processing and other industries are often covered with heavy oil stains on their hands. These heavy oil stains are difficult to clean with the ordinary hand sanitizers and bar soaps.

Residual oil stains in hand causes the skin to be black and dry. Some workers use gasoline, kerosene, etc. to clean the heavy oil on their hands for a long time.  The cleaning effect of above product is available, but their substances are highly volatile, irritate the skin and  are harmful to the human for long-term use.Also,it have potential safety hazards that are flammable and explosive.


What’s the bad effect of using sand and wodd chips to run the grease hands?

Using sand and wood chips to rub the heavily greasy hands on the hands can cause severe irritation, redness, swelling and peeling, and even cracking and bleeding. In addition,engaged in manufacturing industry for many years, their hands are easily injured. The above cleaning methods are not only unfavorable for wound healing, but also It may cause secondary injury and infection of the hand skin, causing great harm and pain to them.

Therefore, we need a innovation technology to develop a hand sanitizer for industrial workers with strong ability to remove heavy oil pollution, mild performance, low irritating effect, safety and reliability for heavy oil pollution practitioners. This scrub hand cleaner for industrial heavy oil removal has strong ability to remove heavy oil and has mild performance, non-irritating, safe and reliable. ERHA has developed this kind of hand sanitizer to meet the market need.


Why we suggest you to choose Erha Scrub-type hand sanitizer?

ERHA scrub-type hand sanitizer for industrial heavy oil removal has good heat and cold resistance and stable properties.Its physical and chemical performance indicators are higher than the ordinary hand sanitizer. Bacteriostatic rate against Escherichia coli reaches more than 90.64%, and the bacteriostatic rate against Staphylococcus aureus reaches more than 94.80%, which has good antibacterial performance. Moreover,it has no obvious irritation and allergy to the skin. After testing, itsdegreasing rate of this industrial hand cleaner with grit is over 97.85% and  degreasing rate of the second cleaning can reach 100% without any grease residue on hands. Its foam is easy to flow away with wate.


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