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Why industrial hand cleaner paste is better than hand cleaning powder?

Why industrial hand cleaner paste is better than hand cleaning powder?

Why industrial hand cleaning paste is better than industrial hand cleaner powder

There are several reasons why we recommend that you buy an industrial hand sanitizer instead of a hand powder.

* Pump package

Erha heavy duty hand wash liquid with pump packages with patent design from our company is safer for its transportaion.

Hand washing powder is usually packaged in bags,which is easy to be damaged during carrying.

* Skin Protect

The neutral value 6-8 for our heavy duty hand detergent gives you moisturizing feeling after use.

While heavy duty hand wash powder is easy to deteriorate and harmful for your skin. Every time, when I used hand wash powder or hand soap, my hands get dry and crackle.So we prefer to choose ERHA heavy duty hand cleaner,which is full of hand moisturizing ingredient.

* More Cost-effective

You may choose heavy duty hand wash powder for cleaning your hands because its price is cheaper than heavy duty hand detergent.But in fact, the value heavy duty hand degreaser is much higher than hand wash powder.

According to our tests, the effect of heavy duty hand wash powder in 8 kgs is equal to heavy duty hand detergent in 1kgs.

Therefore,for automotive grease, cement,oily stains in the maintaining industry, heavy duty industrial Hand Cleaner is much more commerical &praticale than heavy duty hand wash powder.

For industrial hand care, please choose EH pumice hand cleaner!

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