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Brief Introduction Of ERHA Industrial Hand Sanitizer

Brief Introduction Of ERHA Industrial Hand Sanitizer

 The introduction of Erha Industrial hand sanitizer

Guangdong Erha Fine Chemical Co., Ltd,as a China professional heavy duty cleaner manufacture, is committed to creating a core industrial scrubbing cream degreasing product with technological innovation, which can solve the problem of heavy oil pollution.

Our industrial hand sanitizer is a replacement product of traditional washing products such as soap, hand washing powder and ordinary hand sanitizer.

 The advantage of heavy duty hand cleaner with grit

The feature of Erha Industrial Hand Sanitizer

1. Powerful Cleaning Ability

ERHA Industrial hand cleaner and degreaser(Industrial Hand Wash Sanitizer) contains high quality surfactants and new technology decontamination ingredients.Therefore, it is eay to remove grease, pitch, carbon black, putty, graphite, tar and other related oily stains.It is an high efficient heavy duty hand cleaning degreaser.

2. Skin Protection

Containing mild surfactants and moisturizing ingredients,our heavy duty hand cleanser (Industrial Hand Wash Sanitizer) can protect your hands from dryness and cracks.

3. Eco-friendly &ROHS certification

ERHA pumice cream hand cleaner(Industrial Hand Sanitizer) with biodegradable feture has been certified by European Commision. It requires only a small amount of water in use. It is convenient , fast rinse off.

4. Natural Fragrant

Adopted flora aromatic ingredient & Brazilian Citrus Oil extract,ERHA Industrial hand sanitizer will give you a natural fragrant after use.

5.Economical& practical

Compared with other brand of heavy duty hand wash cleaner , ERHA Industrial Hand Sanitizera has an excellent cost-effective &practical. Therefore, it has the advantage of market promotion.

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Pumice Hand Cleaner Lotion 2L
Citrus Hand Cleaner Lotion 2L
Grit Hand Cleaner Cream 2L
Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser 1L
Orange Hand Soap 5;
Industrial hand cleanser 1.8L
Hand Cleaner degreaser For 100ml
Grease Remove Heavy duty Laundry Detergent 5L

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